Indoor/Outdoor Stackable Planter


Playful, Sassy and Inspiring Mugs and Pillowcases

Choose from white mugs, black mugs, metallic mugs (gold, silver, pink metallic), black-to-white color changing mugs, travel mugs, tumblers in various colors, shot glasses, wine tumblers and pillowcases.

I take personalized orders as well. Please allow 4 weeks from time of order to delivery for personalized orders.


Do you forget the tooth fairy? Ya, us too.

So . . . this is what to do. The pillow to the left goes on your child’s pillow. The act of doing that will help you remember. And if you don’t think that is enough, get the pillow on the right to put on your pillow. Let your child know that the tooth fairy might go to your bed first so this will redirect her to their pillow. Then, when you go in to bed, you will see the pillow and remember.

More Mugs . . .

For the woman in your life whom you admire for not following orders.

If you suffer from the plight of busy bodies . . . just have your mug ready.

After babies nurse, they get milk drunk . . . well, right after my morning coffee, I’m coffee drunk.


Fairy Garden Mugs . . . if your child has names for their fairies, you can personalize these mugs with the names of their fairies.

For garden lovers or creating your mug herb garden . . .

Shot glass with the phrase that drives you to need one . . .


Single word mugs . . . do have a word that you want?


For the woman you admire. Remember, I can personalize which means write a name on it and change the font and styling.

Gag Gift or White Elephant Gift


I take personalized orders as well. Please allow 4 weeks from time of order to delivery.