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Toilet Training . . . for adults

This is not time-consuming. Very little sweat, if any, involved. No thinking necessary. Whether you can sit and get off the toilet with only your lower body muscles is a main indicator of your fitness level. Make this simple thing part of a daily routine . . . even if you have no time to do anything else. You will need to use the toilet as long as you are alive. Hit that toilet training hard!

The treatment options are not perfect, since they really need to get the Central Nervous System to “change its mind” and stop sending the pain signals. None of the medications for fibromyalgia do this; they artificially raise the pain threshold. For some, this works; for others, it doesn’t. 

One Body I Haven't Had

I became a personal trainer too, because giving exercises and stretches is not within the scope of a massage therapist and yet, that is the larger factor in keeping your muscles healthy and in full range of motion. So I didn’t become a personal trainer because I am so in love and well practiced in working out . . . it was to have the head knowledge and expanded scope to help my clients so they can work out. And yet, I want my head knowledge to help me too.