Dr. Rob Rehab at drrobrehab.com

Rob and I have been working hard to publish a website for his patients.

One of the challenges of the medical system is the brevity of appointments. Osteopathic manipulation doesn’t lend itself to 10-15 minute appointments. Rob needs at least 30 minutes with each patient . . . at least. Thankfully, he has that length of time with each patient at University Hospital’s Connor Integrative Health Network. Here is a brief summary of what this network offers patients:

Even though he is thankful for those thirty minutes, it is often not sufficient. So, we published a website for Rob’s patients at drrobrehab.com. Rob’s patients will benefit but it is also beneficial to those who are struggling with pain or movement restrictions who are not able to see him in clinic. Here is his introduction to the main menu at the site.

Please visit his site and subscribe to his youtube channel. This was a labor of love. He worked many hours on the weekends filming these videos so that his patients can better understand what he says during their appointments and have guidance even when not in his clinic.

This is a beta website so feedback would be appreciated. If you have a particular issue that you would like addressed, please let us know in the comments.

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