Kinetic Chain and the Foot

Rob spoke on the osteopathic approach to the foot at the Cleveland Academy of Osteopathic Medicine this year. He chose the topic because of an interesting case he had in his clinic. 

The patient was in competitive Tae Kwon Do and he was having pain in his right foot. He also played football and had no pain while playing. So, it didn't seem to be a stress fracture.

Rob invited the patient over to videotape his kicks and while some might focus on the right foot upon impacting the target; Rob not only looked at that foot, but also the planted foot. He discovered that the planted foot was not making the 90 degree range of motion necessary, which then changed the way the right foot impacted the target. Now, what influences the range of motion of the planted foot? The hip.

So, the patient had pain in the striking foot but that was not the problem. There was a problem in the planting foot but that was not the problem. The problem was likely the hip.

Appreciating the body's connectedness which is referred to as the kinetic chain is very important in therapeutic massage as well. This is why I prefer full body massages for 90 minutes, particularly for the first visit, and if you are seeking massage for a particular issue. For relaxation massage, the length is not as important because it is very possible to get into a relaxed state within 60 minutes, particularly if you come on a regular basis.


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