Massage at Home

Massage at Home

For massage house calls, I have the following requirements . . .

  • You need to be a current client or have a credible reference from a current client. I reserve the right to leave if uncomfortable with the surroundings.

  • Location should be within 15 minutes of my business at 199 South Cillicothe, Aurora, OH 44202.

  • Travel fee is $60.

  • Equipment at house should include: massage table, sheets and if desired, table warmer and bolster. If you wish me to bring this equipment, it is an extra $60 fee on top of the travel fee.

  • Table needs to be set up in a private room and positioned such that I can walk around the table freely without obstruction.

  • I will do a maximum of six hours of massage in one day. One full day of massage is $420/ $480. Not bad! Book me for your next party, business, or family get together.

If you would like purchasing suggestions, here are some affiliate links. For affiliate link information, click here.

To book a mobile massage for private, businesses or parties, please private message me at my Business Facebook page or call and leave a message at (216) 800-5430.

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