Toilet Training . . . for adults

Toilet Training . . . for adults

Do you struggle when using the toilet?

Are you able to seat yourself in a controlled way? Do you use your hands to push up when getting up? Or do you lean back and use momentum?

If so, it is a sign that you need more leg muscle strength.

There is an easy solution.

Do 100 squats a day. Done. No need to overthink. Just do it. You will see benefits whether you do the squats throughout the day like 20 squats 5 times a day, or in one session. And when that becomes easy, bump it up. You can either do more squats, do it on one leg, or add weight.

Here are squat variations. If you do this, you are doing something crucial for yourself because you will need to squat as long as you need to use the bathroom.

Happy toilet training:)

Important things to remember:

  • Keep feet at hip-width apart.

  • Engage your core.

  • Feet should be slightly pointing outward.

  • Keep knees moving slightly outward. Knees tend to turn in.

  • Drive your weight through your heels. This is important to feel.

  • Squeeze your glutes at the top of the squat.

This is not time-consuming. Very little sweat, if any, involved. No thinking necessary. Whether you can sit and get off the toilet with only your lower body muscles is a main indicator of your fitness level. Make this simple thing part of a daily routine . . . even if you have no time to do anything else. You will need to use the toilet as long as you are alive. Hit that toilet training hard!

Are you doing your 100 squats a day?

Photography by Anna Truax

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