Goals versus Desires

So, a person who believes that the unborn child is a person, deserving a right to live, may desire that the woman not choose abortion . . . but it is a desire, not a goal. That woman has autonomy and sovereignty over that decision. The goal, on the other hand, of those working in our center was to maximize the amount of support we could give to women in this situation.

Toilet Training . . . for adults

This is not time-consuming. Very little sweat, if any, involved. No thinking necessary. Whether you can sit and get off the toilet with only your lower body muscles is a main indicator of your fitness level. Make this simple thing part of a daily routine . . . even if you have no time to do anything else. You will need to use the toilet as long as you are alive. Hit that toilet training hard!

Soreness After Massage

So, how do you understand DOMS in the context of massage since your massage therapist is not exercising you? After a massage, there may be subtle changes in the neuro-muscular system causing the muscles to work differently – more effectively, we hope. By the next day, you may be sore, as though you just started a new exercise program. In a way, you have . . . your muscles are working differently with each step, just like the muscles are working differently with a new exercise. 

The treatment options are not perfect, since they really need to get the Central Nervous System to “change its mind” and stop sending the pain signals. None of the medications for fibromyalgia do this; they artificially raise the pain threshold. For some, this works; for others, it doesn’t.