Our hope with the Trumilu community is to share perspective-shifting educational information and encouragement on a variety of issues.

Trumilu is unique in that our health and fitness information is from the perspective of a Board Certified physician with twenty years of experience. We hope to make it easier for you to get and give credible information to your family on issues discussed here without unnecessarily diseasifying and medicalizing the human body.

It is also unique in that our parenting perspective has been chiseled by twenty years of parenting experience. We believe children contribute abundantly to our human experience from the day we learn of their presence. This is the sole dogma we have in our family with regard to children. Children are worthy of our time and attention. Period. How this works out in each family will vary greatly depending on the resources and circumstances of each family.

The blog covers a range of topics because like the body, everything is interconnected.

We tend to divide the body into parts, but it remains functionally one unit. Focusing on particular parts in order to study them more deeply is important. In doing this, however, our end goal should be to understand that the body functions in a more comprehensive way.

I called our homeschooling style “organic homeschooling” (before organic foods were prominent) because my intent was to cultivate a love of learning that was allowed to grow with only as much intervention and distinction between subjects as was necessary.

This is not to say no interventions or distinctions at all, but only as many as were necessary for the particular task.

This blog explores our parenting journey in order to share helpful resources for your family. I hope you find it helpful.

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Rob having his VO2 max tested, the standard test for fitness level.


A little about us . . .

In our twenty years of marriage, we have served in the Army, Rob as an officer and me as a military wife, have had four children, two of them boy-girl twins, have moved 5 times in our first 10 years of marriage, and have homeschooled off and on throughout this time. We now work in the same field of manual therapy.

Rob is an osteopathic physician, and has worked as a family practice physician which included delivering babies, and now runs a Sports Rehabilitation Clinic at University Hospitals Connor Integrative Network, which involves manual therapy as its central focus. I am a massage therapist and personal trainer at my own clinic in Aurora, OH, Truform Therapeutic Massage.

We started this blog as a central place to explore fitness, health and education as it has played out in our family for the last twenty years. We are particularly interested in helping families teach their children solid information about their health, fitness, and world so that they can understand their bodies, learn how their bodies work, and learn how to maximize what their bodies are intended to do . . . move freely and learn deeply.